Part 18: John Salley was at Awards when Suge Associate Punched Dr Dre & Got Stabbed


John Salley continued to speak on the divorce between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young and blamed the turmoil on the attorneys. According to Salley, divorce lawyers in Los Angeles often take their clients through similar routines so they can market themselves to the next client. While discussing the divorces of other wealthy businessmen. such as Jeff Bezos, Bob Johnson, and Russell Simmons, Salley claimed Dre and Nicole's divorce isn't about money.

Later in the clip, Salley explains what occurred when Dr. Dre was attacked at the Vibe Awards in 2004. Salley said the altercation caused a rift between he and Dre after he announced on the radio the following day that Dre's security should be fired. Dre's team made him believe Salley directed the remarks towards him before Salley and Dre were able to talk it out.