Update 10/15/2020 6:41pm:

Ice Cube called out CNN on Twitter after he claimed the network canceled his interview with Chris Cuomo.

"So the POWERS that be cancelled my interview on @CuomoPrimeTime tonight," he tweeted. "I’ve actually been [banned] from @CNN for a few months so I was surprised they even asked. But it seems like they can’t handle the truth."

The canceled interview occurred as Cube has defended himself for offering to meet with both presidential campaigns to discuss and support for his Contract with Black America plan. He said that while both parties contacted him, Joe Biden’s team said they would address the plan after the election.

Cube has been criticized for engaging in talks with the Trump Administration. However, the rapper has argued that he always intended to speak with both parties and has not met with Trump directly.

"I know people have their thoughts...'I'm being used...' I'm not being used," Cube said during a Thursday interview with TMZ. "I talked to both campaigns like I said I would. I have a contract with Black America that both parties gonna have to get with. We can't depend on one party to bring this through. It's too broad. Both parties is gonna have to get with it. So, that's what my mission is; to make sure both parties get with the program."

Update 10/15/2020 4:46pm:

Ice Cube took to Twitter to clarify that he hasn't endorsed anyone for president after it was revealed that he helped the Trump campaign develop their "Platinum Plan." After a 2016 tweet of Cube saying that he'd "never endorse a mothaf**ka like Donald Trump," the famed entertainer clarified on Thursday (October 15) that he hasn't endorsed any candidate so far.

Ice Cube then responded to a Washington Post headline that stated that he went from rapping about having Trump arrested to working with him on a new policy. He wrote, "I will advise anybody on the planet who has the power to help Black Americans close the enormous wealth gap."  

Original 10/15/2020 12:23am:

There was much controversy surrounding the revelation that Ice Cube was working with the Trump campaign on their "Platinum Plan" to push his "Contract with Black America" and enact changes to public policy that will benefit African Americans. However, Ice Cube explained that he took his CWBA plan to both the Biden and Trump campaigns, but only the Republicans made changes to their platform due to the proposal. 

Naturally, this news made many believe that Cube is a potential Trump supporter. At the same time, he made it clear that the CWBA is all about ensuring economic stability and political representation, regardless of which side of the aisle brings the plan to life. Amid all the controversy, an old tweet of Cube's has resurfaced, which saw him declare he'd never endorse someone like Donald Trump.

"I will never endorse a mothaf**ka like Donald Trump! EVER!!!" Cube tweeted back in August 2016. The resurfaced tweet got a rise out of Twitter users who criticized the hip-hop legend for his willingness to work with the Trump campaign despite the anti-Trump rhetoric just four years ago. 

Source: twitter.com