Part 19: Chaka Khan on Going to Rehab 3 Times, Had a "Shadow Man" that Followed Her


In the latest clip, Chaka Khan discussed her classic song, "Ain't Nobody." Written by former Rufus keyboard player, David "Hawk" Wolinski, Chaka Khan and Luenell reflected on the record and how timeless music will make an artist live on forever. Chaka Khan also talked about making a tribute song to Trayvon Martin and working with his mother on a campaign. 

The string of Black youth becoming victims of gun and police violence is what caused Chaka Khan and Luenell to develop a relationship. The two came together for a Mother's Day rally for mother's who had lost their children to gun and police violence after the two bonded over the death of Ahmaud Arbery. Chaka Khan also showed off their "Enough" fans, which can be purchased on Chaka Khan's website ( Half of the proceeds will go towards either a school or to the mothers who have lost sons or daughters, while the other half goes towards creating additional merchandise.