Part 3: Crunchy Black Reveals There are Two More Suspects in His Daughter's Murder


In the latest clip, Crunchy Black spoke on the death of his oldest daughter Ashley. While the Three 6 Mafia member said he has five children, he referred to Ashley as his "heart." He explained that he's still grieving and revealed that Ashley called him in the middle of the night before the shooting, but he was asleep. The rapper said his oldest son woke him up with the news and he was in denial until his brother confirmed.

Crunchy Black explained that he shut down and was ready to do something about the tragic incident before adding that if she received the love that she's currently receiving while she was alive, then she likely wouldn't have been in the situation that led to her death. Crunchy Black also stated that her death wasn't caused by anything she did, but what her boyfriend was involved in.