Since the coronavirus pandemic, OnlyFans has surged in popularity thanks to a namedrop from Beyonce and celebrities such as Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Tyga and others actually creating accounts on the site. Jordyn Woods announced Monday that she's joining the subscription-based site.

As a female who's been shamed for being curvy, Woods said he OnlyFans page will allow her to be her authentic self as opposed to other social media platforms where she's felt judged.

"I didn't hear about OnlyFans until the pandemic, and that's because [of how] people talked about it [on social media], but I saw something different than what the normal person saw," Woods said during an interview with Complex. "I saw a platform where I can authentically be myself and not be judged for it. Growing up, I've been shamed a lot. Being a curvy girl, being young and seeing the skinny girls wear short shorts because it's cause it's hot outside, but I want to put on shorts and it's provocative, or I want to put on a tank top and it's provocative. Even yesterday, I posted a photo that I still felt was tasteful and classy, put a little bit more out there just to really test the waters, and I got a lot of positive response, but I also got a lot of judgment. And I saw a beautiful opportunity to show a completely different side of myself that I've always wanted to show."

Woods acknowledged that joining OnlyFans may be viewed as controversial, but she sees a bigger picture in joining the site. She also said that she's teamed with photographer Steven Gomillion to provide exclusive content to her page and will not simply post photos from her phone.

"I have teamed up with one of my absolute favorite photographers, Steven Gomillion, who has created some of the most iconic photos," Woods added. "We're creating art on here; we're not posting just random selfies. There's going to be really edgy, iconic photos of me on there, and it felt like OnlyFans was the right platform to launch this project because it's completely different than anything that I've ever done. I knew that because of everything I've gone through, I knew it could be very controversial and I could avoid the controversy. But to me, it's about the bigger picture and the opportunity that I see is there."

Considering the controversy surrounding Bella Thorne's OnlyFans page, Woods stated that she's not joining the site "to take away from anything that [sex workers or anyone on the platform] already built. I just felt like the bigger picture is that it can be a space for people to be on there, to not be judged, and to be authentic to ourselves."

Source: Complex