21 Savage recently sat down with DJ Scream and Big Bank, where he revealed that his immigration case is still ongoing and he still faces deportation. 

Around the 17:15 mark, 21 Savage explained, "No, [the immigration case isn't over] but the lawyers are dealing with it. I don't think they're gonna [deport me] but if they do, sh*t, my money coming with me, for sure. I'll be alright, for sure. The money go wherever you go. They got rich people over there [in the UK]. I'ma be one of them." He added, "I'm taking everybody. Everybody coming. Everybody gonna wanna come," said Savage. "They not letting me go by myself anyway. They coming, for sure."

He went on to speak about what it was like growing up as an immigrant in Atlanta, which you can hear more above.