Uncle Luke has recently revealed and addressed rumors around the possible divorce between him and his wife of 12 years—Kristin Thompson. Now, Uncle Luke has confirmed their marriage is ending.

The rapper made it clear there was no infidelity on his end, and issued a statement saying “It’s mind-boggling, hurtful, and a total surprise. I never intended to get married to get divorced. That’s not in my DNA nor my family’s history. I believe in the sacred vows, for better or worse, but I have to respect her decision.” Thompson reportedly filed for divorce on July 17, 2020, and the two have a son together.

In his statement, Luke continued saying, “Under no circumstances was there any infidelities nor verbal or physical abuse by me. I am now trying to make peace with her decision as best as I can. It will take time. The most important focus for me now is our son and being the best parent I can in this situation.” He concluded by saying, “Please understand this is not a nasty split, so I would ask all who are aware, not to speak on our personal lives and respect our privacy by staying positive for our son’s sake.”

Source: pagesix.com