Recently, Tory Lanez dropped his new album ‘Daystar’ and addressed various topics and artists, including speaking on what he says really happened between him and Megan Thee Stallion. Along with talking about Meg, Tory Lanez called out Dream Doll and Asian Doll on the record “Sorry But I Had To..”

On the song, Lanez said “Gimme one DreamDoll hit record (Mm), I’ll wait.” From there, he spoke on Asian Doll and said “Asian Doll talkin', but shawty, I don't know you/I never met you, nor have I heard a song/And nor have I seen billboards/See your name in any cert or song from out your catalog/Oop, the hat is off.”

In now-deleted tweets, Asian Doll said “If that was me you wouldn't even have lips to rap about shit your face would've been in your lap the moment you decide you wanted to shoot me in my foot bitch ass nigga.” Take a look above.