Since Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly's 2018 feud, the two have occasionally taken jabs at each other in songs, interviews, and live performances. During an interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday, MGK reflected on their beef and recalled the moment he decided to go at the Detroit rapper.

"I don’t feel any type of way about it," MGK said. "I’m like asleep on my tour bus and this f****** guy drops an album with like three songs consecutively talking about me. What the f*** you think I’m going to do, just f****** roll over and go back to sleep? I said what I said. Respect the fight, that’s it."

"I’m just a different type though man," the Cleveland rapper continued after saying Eminem shouldn't go at other rappers considering his wealth and status. "I’m all about putting my arm around people. I’m not with doing this to people, so I can’t relate. The last thing I wanna ever be is an angry legend."

After Stern pointed out the similarities between both rappers and offered to help them end the feud, Machine Gun Kelly laughed off the offer.

MGK's new album, Tickets to My Downfall, drops this Friday.