Update 09/21/2020 2:04pm:

After accusing Dr. Dre of hiding assets and domestic abuse, Nicole Young has been accused of embezzlement by Record One recording studio. The studio's attorneys sent a letter to Nicole accusing her of "blatant and unjustifiable criminal embezzlement of corporate funds."

Founded in 2015 by Dr. Dre and Larry Chatman, the studio is operated by an LLC, and Nicole was listed as a trustee and signatory on the LLC's checking account. The letter claims she took $353,571.85 out of the company's bank account last month and demands that she return the funds by no later than a week from Tuesday or else a suit will be filed against her.

Nicole's side claims that she was within her right to withdraw the funds and that the letter is Dre's way of responding to the accusation that he's pilferring assets.

"This is just a low-grade PR stunt by Andre and his team to try to change the fact that he was caught red-handed and sued for trying to cheat Nicole out of community property to which she is entitled," said Nicole's lawyer Bryan Freedman. "There is no question that Nicole had both the contractual and the legal right to have taken this action and Andre's team is well aware of this fact. Any suggestion she did something untoward is preposterous and pathetic."

Source: TMZ

Original 09/18/2020 10:19pm:

The tumultuousness of Dr. Dre's and his estranged wife, Nicole Young's divorce, remains on full display. In the latest episode, Nicole Young is accusing Dr. Dre of hiding assets and domestic abuse. Nicole alleges, in new court documents, that Dre has created a new holding company for what she claims is "community property," namely, the trademarks for "Dr. Dre" and "The Chronic." However, sources close to Dre have noted that "They were married in 1996. Chronic came out in '92 and Dr. Dre used his name since the 80's, so it's all his and his alone."

Nicole says the decision to move the trademarks and other assets highlight an "epic failure and reveals the true nature of his character, or lack thereof.” She asserts that Dre got the trademark in 1997 when the two were already married. 

What's more, Nicole is also alleging that she was victim of domestic violence throughout the course of her marriage to Dre. However, she does not outline any specific details about the abuse she allegedly endured. Sources close to Dre told TMZ, "In their 26 years together, there has never been any hint or claim of threatened or actual physical violence and the insinuation is an insult to actual victims of domestic abuse."

Source: tmz.com