The Los Angeles Clippers became another Game 7 victim of the Denver Nuggets in this year's playoffs. Coming into the season, the Clippers were projected to be title favorites but had their championship aspirations quashed in Game 7 of the semifinals. While this loss calls Kawhi Leonard and Paul George into question, the series loss really leaves a stain on Clippers head coach Doc Rivers's resume. 

According to NBA insider Kevin O'Connor, Doc has lost a total of six playoff series after having won at least three games and is the first head coach in history to blow a 3-1 series lead three times. O'Connor tweeted: 

"Doc Rivers has coached SIX teams that have blown

3-1 or 3-2 series leads:

2020 Round 2 vs Nuggets, 3-1 lead

2015 Round 2 vs Rockets, 3-1 lead

2012 East Finals vs Heat, 3-2 lead

2010 NBA Finals vs Lakers, 3-2 lead

2009 Round 2 vs Magic, 3-2 lead

2003 Round 1 vs Pistons, 3-1 lead"