Kanye West is currently on Twitter in the middle of one of his now-patented rants. Ye is running the gamut in terms of topics he's covering and necessarily raised eyebrows with a few of the comments he's made. For starters, Kanye took the time to request an apology from Drake and J Cole who the rapper has had noted falling outs with, but it was a comparison the Chicagoan made that sparked a bit of controversy. 

It's not news at this point to read or watch Kanye invoke figures of black history to make an often misguided point. His latest comment came in the form of comparing himself to the noted enslaved revolutionary Nat Turner. For those who are unfamiliar, Nat Turner's staged a slave revolt in Virginia in 1831 which left many slave owners and their families dead. As a result, Turner became a fixture in black history as a symbol of rebellion. So when Kanye made the comparison between himself and Turner, he was met with much ire from Twitter users.  

Ye caused a stir with his comments about Harriet Tubman during his first presidential campaign rally. He called into question whether Tubman actually helped blacks gain freedom or did she lead them into the arms of another white ownership class in Canada. Needless to say, Ye was slammed for the remarks and his latest comment on Nat Turner may turn out to garner similar outrage. 

Source: twitter.com