Update 09/12/2020 5:42pm:

More news in the Sweetie Pies case has surfaced, as prosecutors are saying Tim Norman believes his nephew allegedly took $200,000 in cash from the house of his grandmother, Robbie Montgomery.

A detective named Donald Thurmond gave testimony during a bail hearing for Terica Ellis, who was involved with Norman at one point, and noted that Andre Montgomery was believed to be a suspect in the theft of the $200,000 that went missing from Miss Robbie’s home. Thurman also reportedly testified that Tim Norman offered Terica Ellis $10,000 to “secure the location” of Andre Montgomery the night he was murdered.

source: STL Today

Original 08/19/2020 1:04pm:

James Timothy Norman, co-star of the former OWN show "Welcome to Sweetie Pies" and son of the star, Miss Robbie, was arrested and charged for his role in the 2016 murder-for-hire killing of his nephew and Miss Robbie's grandson, Andre Montgomery. 

According to documents, Norman, who owns Sweetie Pies restaurant, took out a $450,000 life insurance policy on Montgomery in 2014. He then allegedly communicated with a woman named Terica Ellis via burner phones to pull off the murder. Ellis and Norman were in communication the day of the murder, and the feds claim they pinged Ellis' phone near the scene of the crime in St. Louis. 

Norman reportedly left town following the murder, deposited $9,000 in cash into various bank accounts, and contacted the life insurance company in an attempt to collect on the policy. Both Ellis and Norman are facing the same murder-for-hire conspiracy charge. 

Source: TMZ