Gilbert Arenas recently made an appearance on the Fubo Sports podcast, where he explained why Allen Iverson was the toughest player he had to guard during his time in the NBA. 

Gilbert explained, "I always say Allen was like that white boy player in high-school that played balls hard. He is playing 150 miles per hour the whole time. Him getting a steal here to him saving the ball, jumping four rows to the stands. Somehow he gets out of that and made a layup. That was his hustle." 

After speaking about Iverson's seemingly nonstop energy levels, which Gilbert compared to being the human equivalent to Red-Bull, he explained why he would guard Kobe over Iverson. He stated, "I would rather guard Kobe than Allen. With Kobe, he is going to go to his spots, and he is playing through the offense. He would get the ball, see if he has a good look, pass it, but Allen, as soon as he got the ball, he wanted to go and try to score. If he didn’t, he would pass the ball, get it back, and then try to score. And don’t have a number 3, and if you wore number 3, he took it personally."