Previously, it was revealed that the United States Postal Service was shutting down and removing mail sorting machines that are needed to process absentee ballots for the upcoming 2020 election. Since then, the postal service noted they would not be moving mailboxes. Now, video footage has surfaced of bags of mail being dumped in the parking lot of a Glendale salon, located in the Los Angeles area.

A woman who is a co-owner of the 7Q salon near where the mail was dumped took cell phone footage of the numerous bags of unopened envelopes and packages that were on the ground in the parking lot. The bags were marked with a USPS stamp.

Glendale police issued a statement saying before bags were discovered by the spa in Glendale, they were reportedly called about a bunch of bags that were tossed in an alleyway a half-mile from the salon. Since then, a postal employee was sent to get the mail, according to CBS.

source: CBS Los Angeles