Part 19: Akon: Akon City Opens 2026, There's No Taxes & We Have Our Own Police Force


Akon provided an update on the progress his Lighting Africa Project has made since his last VladTV interview. According to the entrepreneur, the project is in 16 countries and has provided electricity to almost 500 million people. He admitted that he didn't realize the impact he made until the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Akon discussed China's relationship with Africa after responding to John Salley's claim that the Chinese are quietly buying up Africa. Akon said that China isn't buying Africa, but bartering with the continent because China has such a huge economy that China itself is not big enough and needs a place or partner for expansion. 

Highlighting China building infrastructure in Africa in return for the continent's resources, Akon stated that China has done more beneficial work in Africa than any other country. Akon also added that China was in the same position as present-day Africa 35 years ago and that the two areas share similar cultures.