According to reports, Hot 97 has fired a man named Pasquale Raucci, also known as Paddy Duke, after it was revealed that he was a part of the mob that killed Yusuf Hawkins in 1989. A recent documentary that aired on HBO called ‘Storm Over Brooklyn’ highlighted the tragic details surrounding Hawkins’ death due to an angry Italian mob in Bensonhurst that killed him. Raucci was reportedly shown in the documentary.

Details about Raucci’s hiring at Hot 97 surfaced as well, and it was noted via his LinkedIn page that he has been working with Hot 97 for almost 20 years. Raucci was employed Emmis Communications in 1994 and worked with Angie Martinez during her time at the radio station.

Since then, Hot 97 released a statement on Raucci following the release of the ’Storm Over Brooklyn’ documentary. Via Instagram, Hot 97 said, “After watching HBO's Storm over Brooklyn, HOT97 was shocked and took swift action. Paddy Duke is no longer employed by HOT97. The march for social justice continues.”