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In the latest clip, Tiffany Haddish cleared the air on men she's been linked to in the past and her history with the late Nipsey Hussle. Haddish started off by debunking the rumors that she dated Drake. According to the comedian, Drake DM'd her to be in his "Nice For What" video but the message went unseen until the two ran into each other at a party. She said they were supposed to go dinner at one point but the rapper had to cancel due to a family emergency around the time news of him having a baby was surfacing.

Haddish goes on to explain that she met Chingy during her early 20s when she was getting her comedy career off the ground. She said even though two would hang out whenever he was in L.A., they never hooked up until later on. She said Chingy invited her to his video shoot two days after they hooked up, where she witnessed him with one of her friends. Angry at the rapper for hooking up with her friend, she disclosed that she hooked up with Chingy's brother.

The discussion transitioned to her friendship with Nipsey Hussle, which was due to both of their fathers being close friends. Haddish says she and Nipsey Hussle planned to do a show in Africa shortly before his passing. Haddish also discussed her current relationship with Common, calling it the best relationship she's ever been in.