RZA, in collaboration with Good Humor, dropped a new jingle for ice cream trucks across America that won't carry the tinge of racist minstrelsy as it was revealed, "Turkey in the Straw" carries with it. According to Good Humor, their research found that the melody has roots in British and Irish folk songs but when the jingle became a minstrel show staple in the 1800s in America. In a statement, Good Humor said: 

"Good Humor has not owned ice cream trucks since the 1970s, nor did we create “Turkey in the Straw” or any other jingles. However, as a leader in the industry, and the creator of the original ice cream truck, we want to be part of the solution on this issue, particularly since we work closely with so many ice cream truck drivers across the country."

RZA made the announcement via Instagram and the new jingle can be heard in its entirety here. 

Source: instagram.com