Clippers baller Patrick Beverley opened up to ESPN about the loss of his friend, who was shot and killed in Chicago on July 20, in an interview that was published on Wednesday (August 12). 

Beverley spoke about grieving the loss of his friend, stating, "I cried on my way to practice on the back of the bus, man. It makes me just want to hurry up and win my championship – understanding that I have to go through every process and phase [to get] that while being fortunate to be out here with my teammates – and then get back home to my homies, get back to my friends.

"I am tired of losing people. You know? It hits home for me. I have to deal with the reality when I get back, comforting my friends, being a leader right here, being a leader of my crew back home in Chicago."

The 32-year-old athlete went on to speak about his friend being killed just a few days after his 31st birthday, adding that it was at the same park they used to hang out at in Chicago. Beverley then spoke about wanting to make a change in the city, stating, "I just want to shine a light on the city of Chicago. It ain’t safe right now. It’s a tough time. But there are still kids in there that want to go to the NBA and still kids in there that have dreams to be the next Patrick Beverley. And I just want to make sure that I am staying focused and doing what it takes to inspire.

"Because I am starting to lose people that’s real close to me, and it is starting to hit home. This [restart in the] bubble, my game, the way I carry myself is important, not only to me, but to all the inner-city kids around there. ... I am trying to make a difference, yo. Just trying to find a way to get everyone out [of danger], you know?"

Source: ESPN