Philadelphia singer Jaguar Wright recently had an interview where she revealed some shocking news about an alleged incident involving her and Common. The singer, who’s known for her work with The Roots, as well as her addition to Jay-Z storied ‘Unplugged’ album, described an alleged incident where she says Common tried to sexually assault her.

Wright described the scenario of her ending up with Common after a show and said “next thing we know we go to bed and he says, 'C'mon Jag.’ No, I'm tired, n***a. I was on the stage all night, I wanna lay down.” From there, she said she kept all her clothes on to avoid any possible happenings. However, she said things got crazy in the morning, saying “This n***a tryin' to stick his d**k in my mouth while I'm sleep," she said of the rapper. "Lonnie f**kin' Lynn. Rashid. Common. Whatever the f**k you wanna call yourself. That's why I stopped f**kin' with him. Because n***a, if you gon' try to stick your d**k in my mouth while I'm sleep, there ain't nothin' you won't do." Common has yet to respond to the allegations made against him by Wright.