This past July, Mariah Carey announced that she was done penning her memoir. Not long after the announcement, speculations started circulating that Eminem was anxious to know what might be said about him.

According Mariah's close friend, Da Brat, the pop icon does indeed provide details of her relationship with Eminem and even divulges some of the sexual details. Speaking about the book on a recent episode of Dish Nation, Da Brat claimed that Eminem and Mariah never had a sexual relationship but that there are some details about their relationship that will shock people.

"He was never in bed with her. Let’s get this clear," said Da Brat. "When y’all read, y’all will see that he prematurely ejaculated when they had all of their clothes on because he was excited that he was with Mariah. There was no sex."

There may be some truth to Da Brat's comments. In Eminem's "The Warning" diss to Mariah Carey, he raps: "Listen, girly, surely you don't want me to talk about how I nutted early 'cause I ejaculated prematurely/And bust all over your belly and you almost started hurling/And said I was gross, go get a towel, your stomach's curling."

Though it remains to be seen if such a story will be disclosed in the memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey is set for release in September.

Source: HotNewHipHop