Previously, TikTok was in the news after the company responded to Donald Trump’s alleged gesture to get an “executive order” to ban the app in the United States. However, that hasn’t stopped people like Lil Yachty from using the platform. The rapper recently made his way on to TikTok and became a celebrity that many users are following. However, Yachty took to Twitter to reveal his feelings on a TikTok video he posted to the platform with a new hairstyle.

In the video, Yachty could be seen sporting a hairstyle that resembles an older woman, with many saying the rapper looks like their aunt fresh out of the hair salon. The clip of the rapper went viral, and he addressed the moment on Twitter.

Yachty said, “I ain’t gone lie my TikTok was never supposed to get out now that’s been found, I am embarrassed.” Take a look at the hairstyle above.