According to reports, an Indiana school district revealed that one of the students at a junior high school tested positive for COVID-19 on the first day of class. The information was disclosed to parents of the students via a letter that was sent home.

Superintendent Harold Olin wrote a letter to parents saying the Hancock County Health Department let Greenfield-Central Junior High know that one of the students tested positive for the virus and that their “Positive COVID-19 Test Protocol” was activated once they found out the news. Along with that, a staff member reportedly tested positive for coronavirus.

In the letter sent to parents, Olin also noted, “all areas of all schools” are being disinfected each night professionally, as this is a part of the school district’s protocol for in-person learning. Olin spoke on the re-opening of schools, saying, “This really does not change our plans. We knew that we would have a positive case at some point in the fall. We simply did not think it would happen on Day One."

source: CNN