Connecticut police recently revealed that a man decapitated his landlord with a sword after he was told he had to leave his apartment because of past due rent. The landlord—Victor King reportedly called 911 earlier, says Hartford Police, who responded to a Saturday morning call that a man named Jerry Thompson was waving a sword at his roommate in a threatening manner. The incident sparked from a dispute over rent.

The following day, neighbors reportedly called the police along with a friend who had concerns over King. According to the warrant, police entered the place where King was staying on Sunday afternoon to find King’s body “covered by numerous articles of bedding.” The police reportedly caught up with Thompson, and found paperwork in his glove compartment of his car noting he was a “sovereign citizen.” Detectives said that means he believes he is an individual who doesn’t think they are subject to any statutes or laws.

Thompson was held on a $2 million bond, and his next court appearance is scheduled for August 18.