A video of the "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition" episode that shows the events leading up to Vado putting his hands on Tahiry was recently released. The footage shows Tahiry and Vado arguing over a shocking device that was used between the couples during an exercise to show how to better communicate with their partner. 

Tahiry became angry and accused Vado of using the shocking device out of spite and not participating in the exercise in the manner it was intended. At one point, she picked up an apple from a bowl and threw it at Vado. Later, when Tahiry was speaking to the other couples about the situation, Vado stood up and put his hands around Tahiry's neck. 

Vado addressed the incident on Instagram, writing, "Nobody’s da victim we both were wrong doin me more because I’m a Man dat tried to take da better route but couldn’t once it was no apology n continuous of disrespect I lost it n went out like a Str8 Sucka. I apologize to all women once again but ladies please keep y’all hands to y’all selves."