According to reports, a woman in St. Petersburg, Russia was accused of chopping her husband’s body up and placing the organs in their washing machine, along with putting parts of his body in the fridge.

Police reportedly found rapper Andy Cartwright dead after his wife told the cops she used a hammer, knife, hacksaw, plastic bowl, and cutting board to chop up the man’s body over the course of four days. The incident allegedly happened while their two-year old son was at home with the couple.

Russian police noted they opened an investigation into the death of the rapper, whose real name is Alexander Yushko. The rapper’s wife reportedly told police that she didn’t want fans to know he died of an overdose from drugs, a death she called “inglorious.” She noted she found a syringe next to rapper’s body, and ultimately told police she used knives, a hacksaw, and other tools to cut him up. From there, she put parts of the man’s body black plastic bags and inside of the family’s fridge.

Detectives have ordered that the woman’s mother doesn’t leave the city while the investigation is taking place, as it was allege that the wife’s mother helped with the act. The wife, whose name is Marina Kukha, has been detained by police and ordered to take a polygraph test as part of the murder investigation.