Part 19: Boosie and Vlad Agree That Money Buys Happiness, Shields Unhappiness
Part 17: Boosie Learns about the Term "Karen", Details His Recent "Karen Incident"
Part 1: Boosie on Jada Pinkett & August Alsina's "Entanglement", Will Smith Crying


In this clip, Boosie talked about his video accosting black patrons of Gucci. Boosie said he's passionate about his people and feels Gucci has no regard for them. Therefore, he's made the decision not to buy Gucci and tries to encourage other black people to take their money elsewhere.
Later, Boosie and Vlad discussed why they both think money can buy you happiness. Boosie added that not having money is the pretext for harboring hatred and having hater ways.