Part 16: Boosie: Terry Crews is a Coon A** N***a for Comments Against His Own People


In this clip, Boosie revealed that he's looking into buying his own town in the state of Georgia. Boosie said it will be a black haven of sorts but said Vlad would be welcomed. He also weighed in on the shooting in Atlanta that saw 14 people wounded and two dead. Boosie said he wasn't necessarily moved by the figures because he's grown up in nothing but violence so hearing about that story didn't elicit much of a response from him.

Boosie also railed against those who say "All Lives Matter," even his friend Gillie Da Kid. Boosie said he told a woman he used to deal with that her life doesn't matter after she uttered the phrase to him. Boosie also gave his take on Terry Crews and the "black supremacy" tweet which prompted a spot-on character assessment from Boosie.