Update 07/26/2020 4:43pm:

Previously, rapper Skinnyfromthe9 revealed he was shot via a video posted to his social media. In the video, paramedics could be seen trying to help the rapper. From there, the rapper’s management gave more details on the incident. Now, the rapper has posted a video of him in the hospital, along with a doctor revealing what actually happened.

On the caption of his post, Skinnyfromthe9 said “2 nights ago i was shot, got shot in my hip and i have a fractured leg... im really grateful and thankful 2 be alive and that ill still be able to walk again after all this, THANK YOU GOD 🙏🏼, cherish life because it could be gone in a second! Thank you all 4 your thoughts and messages about my recovery ❤️💯💯.” Take a look above.

Original 07/25/2020 10:41am:

According to reports and video footage, rapper Skinnyfromthe9 was shot. In the footage that surfaced, the rapper can be heard saying, “I got shot. I just got shot,” while a paramedic with gloves on is touching the rapper while he lays on the ground.

The rapper’s management went on to give details on the matter, noting he was not making the incident up. Via Instagram, the rapper’s management said, “Skinny is in the hospital we don’t know what’s going on he did get shot. Pray for him. This is not a joke….” They continued in another post, saying, “We got into a shootout. We’re fine. Skinny is in the hospital undergoing surgery. But everyone should be alright.” Stay tuned for more details.