Kanye West’s recent comments he made during his presidential “rally” found many thrown off, and many celebrities and entertainers have responded. Westside Gunn chimed in with his thoughts.

In now-deleted tweets, Westside Gunn said, “On another note, Kanye West is a genius/GOAT," he wrote. "U don't know wtf he going thru Hollywood is a sick place I prayed for him last night he lost his Mom and now his kids have to call their Grandfather ‘GrandMA’ but that’s not crazy huh? Grandma got covers and Person of the year awards 🤦🏽‍♂️.”

From there, the rapper said, “And u know me I say WTF I wanna say y’all extra sensitive I respect ALL ppl so don’t start that weird s**t with me but I promise my d**k big snuff for everybody to suck it bc I know the trolls coming.” Westside Gunn followed up those tweets with one simply saying, "I Quit." Take a look above.