According to the New York Post, the body of a tech CEO was found dismembered and sorted into plastic bags in a luxury apartment in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Authorities discovered the grisly scene after a relative of the victim called police to perform a welfare check. When NYPD arrived they found the decapitated corpse of Fahim Saleh. Records show that Saleh was the owner of the apartment which he bought for $2.25 million. He was the CEO of the Nigeria-based motorbike startup Gokada. 

Surveillance footage shows the suspected killer getting on the elevator with Saleh which lets out right into his seventh-floor apartment. Assessing the footage, Saleh appeared to give the suspected killer a puzzled look as the two have a verbal exchange. When the elevator reaches Saleh's apartment, the suspect can be seen attacking the 33-year-old. 

Authorities say the murder appears to be a "professional" killing considering that the suspect didn't loot anything and left almost no trace of blood.