Part 6: Daniel Green: Jordan's Gambling Had Nothing to Do with His Father's Murder
Part 4: Daniel Green on Filming Music Video w/ Stolen Watch + Ring from Jordan's Dad
Part 1: Daniel Green on Doing Armed Robbery w/ Larry Before Jordan's Father Murder


In this clip, Daniel Green speaks about Larry Demery calling Hubert Larry Deese, the son of the Robeson County Sheriff during the time Michael Jordan's father was murdered. Daniel stated that he doesn't know why Larry specifically called Deese from the phone in James Jordan's Lexus, but he stated that Demery was working for a drug operation that Deese was leading. Due to corruption in the town, Daniel stated that he was reluctant to cooperate with the officers who interrogated him. He went on to speak about the 7-hour interrogation, adding that his lawyer wasn't present. Daniel also spoke about Larry being protected by the police, including his cop cousin who brought him into the station, which you can hear more about above.