According to reports, an Arkansas police officer was charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a colleague on June 3. Court documents state that the accused officer, Calvin "Nick" Salyers, told a fellow officer that he would shoot any protesters "through the door" if they came to his home during the height of the George Floyd protests.

Salyers, 33, fired shots when fellow officer, 36-year-old Scott Hutton, knocked on his front door. The arrest affidavit states that Hutton went to Salyers residence to pick up a police squad car that was parked nearby. Hutton went to the front door after not receiving a response from Salyers.

Ryan Jacks, an investigator with the Arkansas State Police, said that Salyers was inside watching television with his girlfriend when Hutton knocked on the door. Salyers approached his door armed with a Glock .40 handgun and checked the peephole where he saw a figure dressed in dark clothes with a gun. Salyers claims that his gun went off while trying to switch the pistol from his right to left hand to open the door. When the gun fired, Hutton, hit the ground. 

Salyers surrendered to authorities on Wednesday on a charge of manslaughter and had his bond set at $15,000.