Part 4: Daniel Green on Filming Music Video w/ Stolen Watch + Ring from Jordan's Dad
Part 2: Daniel Green on Larry Saying He Shot a Man, Bringing Him to Jordan Sr's Body
Part 1: Daniel Green on Doing Armed Robbery w/ Larry Before Jordan's Father Murder


In this clip, Daniel Green starts out by recalling helping Larry Demery hide a body and not realizing until later that it was Michael Jordan's father. He explained that they drove 40 miles West of where James Jordan was killed, and Daniel says he wasn't thinking about the situation at the time, he just wanted to get rid of the body and run away. He added that it wasn't until three days later that he found a Bulls ring and watch with "Jordan" on it inside of James Jordan's Lexus. At first, Daniel said that he thought it was commemorative memoribillia, and he didn't link the situation to Michael Jordan. It wasn't until Daniel's brother started showing him videos of Jordan with his father that he pieced together the clues.