Update 07/08/2020 1:25am:

According to reports, the Greenville County Sheriff's Office identified  Jarquez Kezavion Cooper as one of the men involved in the fatal shooting at the Lavish Lounge in Greenville, SC that left eight wounded and two dead. Authorities say Cooper has been charged with two counts of Murder, seven counts of Attempted Murder, and one count of Possession of a Weapon during the Commission of a Violent Crime.


Update 07/07/2020 11:21am:

Foogiano responded to the backlash he faced after a woman and another man was killed during a show he had at a South Carolina nightclub this past weekend. The 1017 artist took to Instagram and posted a video addressing the situation, along with a caption that said “RIP Mykala Bell,” which is the name of the woman who was shot during the melee.

Foogiano noted he doesn’t promote violence, and that he spoke to the father of the children for Mykala Bell and they have an understanding. He offered his condolences to the family of Bell but said he is not going to blame himself for an issue he didn’t cause. He noted the woman lost her life for nothing, but he did not take her life. Condolences to the family of Mykala Bell and Clarence Johnson.

Original 07/06/2020 11:49am:

According to reports, two people lost their lives this past Sunday during a shooting that went down at a Greenville, South Carolina nightclub. It was noted the incident reportedly involved Gucci Mane’s artist Foogiano.

Reports noted one of the victims was a mother of two children, and another victim was a male. The incident that went down at the Lavish Lounge found eight others injured by the gunfire.

One person on sight who captured video footage took to Instagram and spoke on the incident. The person noted their friend was killed as a result of an attempted chain snatching involving Gucci Mane’s artist Foogiano. The person called out Gucci Mane and said, “You need to get your ppl @foogiano & his entourage under control!!!!! How one n***a try to snatch his chain and 12 muthaf**kin’ ppl end up shot!! INNOCENT PPL AT THAT!! MY FRIEND LOST HER LIFE LAST NIGHT!! She got two kids a 1 & 2 year old she left behind all because we came to see your artist!! THIS S**T IS DISTASTEFUL AS F**K!!!”

Since the incident, the nightclub has postponed all events until further notice, and police say the video footage shown on social media has pointed them to two suspects. Stay tuned for more details.

source: CNN