Update 06/23/2020 11:13pm:

J. Prince responded to NBA Youngboy's directive telling him to mind his "f***ing business" and wasn't amused in the least. "You're a dumb boy with limited thinking ability and disrespectful," J. Prince said in a video posted to Instagram. "Acting like you and your brother wasn't down with me and letting it be known that you was Mob Ties... You seem to be dumber than a box of rocks or you despise wisdom. What you should be mad about is the lie you're living and the weak-a** security being sleep in front of your house."

He continued, "Let me say this to you little homie," adding, "You not a friend or an enemy today. Let's keep it that way no matter how hot it gets in Texas. By the way, I'm minding my business. You just too dumb to know Texas is my business and I will give you whatever you ask for. Good or bad."

Original 06/20/2020 4:13pm:

Previously, J. Prince spoke on NBA Youngboy’s home getting broken into and noted that a bunch of his stuff was taken. The Rap-A-Lot head said that he got a call from the people who stole the stuff, and said they told him they wanted to make it right. From there, he ran down the list of things they had in possession from the thieves that they got on the rapper’s behalf, including keys to the rapper’s McLaren. Now, NBA Youngboy has responded to J. Prince’s video.

The rapper wasn’t too pleased with Prince’s video, saying that if he had something for him, there’s plenty of ways he could have gotten in touch with him as opposed to taking to the internet. Along with that, NBA Youngboy said he’s good on the keys because his cars came with two keys already. Watch above.