Part 6: E.D.I. Mean on People Criticizing the 2Pac Movie, Reacts to "iPad Scene"
Part 4: EDI Mean Disagrees with Lord Jamar on 2Pac Not Being the Greatest Songwriter
Part 1: E.D.I. Mean on Kastro Leaving The Outlawz: Rapping was Never His Dream


In this clip, E.D.I. Mean spoke about having the unfortunate distinction of being the only person alive featured on the classic diss track "Hit Em Up." E.D.I. moved on to discuss 2Pac making the song "Changes" at 19 and how Pac didn't spend much time beat-picking until his days at Death Row.
Later, E.D.I. Mean talked about having a child with 2Pac's sister and why he relinquished the responsibility he had over the music portion of Pac's estate.