A 24-year-old black man of Palmdale, CA was found hanging from a tree in front of Palmdale City Hall in Poncitlán Square around 3:39 AM. According to homicide investigators, Robert Fuller's body showed “no signs of a struggle” forcing them to conclude that he died by suicide. City officials also pushed the narrative that Fuller was possibly suffering a mental health crisis. However, the Palmdale community isn't satisfied with the investigators' conclusion and shouted down city officials that attempted to reiterate the claim that Fuller was battling depression. 

Lt. Brandon Dean of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau told reporters that "early indicators" point to suicide but investigators are “not officially saying that this is a suicide.” Dean said that “nothing that would indicate he was put up there against his will,” adding, “The rope wasn’t thrown over but tied to the branch, which means somebody had to get up there and tie it.”

“If the toxicology results were to show a high level of a chemical that might have poisoned him or knocked him unconscious and allowed someone to drag him up there, it would give a new direction to the case,” Dean continued. 

Source: thedailybeast.com