According to reports, Michael Riego, 31, was recently arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting ponies at the New Castle County Carousel Park and Equestrian Center. Authorities found Riego at the center around 12:30 AM on Thursday during their nightly surveilling of the space. Police say Riego entered the stall and tied a pony's rear legs before they moved in on him. When authorities entered the stall they found the 31-year-old hiding in a corner. 

An investigation into assaults on the ponies had been ongoing since February after several attacks occurred, particularly a September 2019 incident caught on surveillance that prompted the launch of the investigation. Surveillance footage showed a white male dressed in dark clothing take the feed bucket into the barn and entering the pony's stall. The footage then shows the man believed to be Riego tying up the pony's legs and removing articles of clothing before sexually assaulting the animal. The previous incidents were consistent with Riego's most recent midnight rendezvous in the stall. 

Riego is facing felony bestiality and burglary charges with the potential of other charges being filed as the investigation continues.