Tracy Morgan recently chopped it up with Genius, where he broke down lyrics from various artists, including Jay-Z's "Where I'm From." 

Tracy explains in the video that he goes way back to growing up in Bed Stuy with Jay-Z, who lived in Marcy Houses, while Tracy lived in the Tompkins housing projects across the street. He then addressed the line, "And girls from the projects wouldn't f**k us, said we talked too much/So they ran up to Tompkins and sought them dudes to trust/I don't know what the f**k they thought, those n***as is foul just like us." 

While addressing the line, Tracy laughed while recalling messing with the same girl as Jay-Z back in the day. Tracy said that they both knew what was going on at the time, and he added that they both laughed about the situation when Tracy brought it up at "The Lion King" premiere. You can hear the full story starting at the 2:45 mark above.