Part #5: Seqo Billy Seeing Tekashi Record 'Gummo', 69's Beef with Trippie Redd
Part #3: Billy Ado on Getting Stabbed 10 Times in Prison
Part #1: Seqo Billy on Family Members Being Nine Trey Blood, Joining as a Kid


In this clip, Seqo Billy and Billy Ado speak about linking up after they were released from prison, as they both explained that they had similar aquaintances. Seqo Billy also spoke about starting the Tr3way Entertainment level, which he said he did in memory of Garland Tyree, who wrote the book The Trey Way. Seqo Billy then clarified that Shotti had nothing to do with starting the label, and he mentioned his manager setting up a meeting with Tekashi, which you can hear more about above.