Rapper Cam Coldheart gained attention last year after a video showed DaBaby seemingly knocking him out in the Louis Vuitton store inside Charlotte's SouthPark Mall. While many believed that the fight was real, Cam Coldheart recently took to Instagram to claim that it was all staged for clout, and he added that DaBaby paid him. 

Cam wrote a long description in the video post, which reads: 

"A year later as agreed I can let my ppl know it was a BIG HOAX for fame & financial gain on both sides & to bring ALL media platforms to NC. I AGREED TO FIGHT 2. IM LIKE THAT ALL YALL THAT WAS FOOLED JOKES ON YALL MFS😂😂.I SAW A LOT OF YALL TRUE COLORS,F ROM ASSOCIATES TO CHICKS,FAMILY,FRIENDS, BABY MAMAS.DAT WAS FUNNY.HA HATER IM STILL HIM LIVING LUXURY,RICH & YOU BROKE!😂🤦🏽‍♂️THAT ALONE GAVE ME LEVERAGE ON WHO REAL & LEARNING THE MIND OF MY CONSUMERS. NOW I CAN BE MYSELF & MY FAMILY GOOD FOREVER. TELL EM YALL BOUGHT THE FOOTAGE SO I COULDNT GET IT. BOUGHT IT THROUGH @phree_tysoncarter@kingcarter wife, valued former employee at Neiman Marcus at the mall got u dat & u buried it kuz you know it a show YOU SOFT @dababy! & I was givin y’all the BUSINESS before I got tired. & that lil Jon Jon wudnt doin NOTHIN but a LIL NAT distracting me from his security to get off on me.

"THE SAME WAY YALL BOUGHT THAT WAL MART FOOTAGE WHEN A LITTLE KID GOT SHOT FOR WANTING A PICTURE🙄& BURRIED IT & PAID TO SILENCE THE CASE.the lil boy was a fan smh.THESE THE 2 THINGS THAT IF PROVEN A TAKE YO WHOLE CAREER AWAY & WHAT EVERYBODY THINK YOU IS. If Y’all street as u stil tryna play behind da scenes & got the industry fooled,the year up! IM STILL HERE.(you thought that year was long enough to get me all way out the way😂. MEDIA OVER,we in da same city. mfs ain’t gotta die.Fight me🥊 & all da beef over kuz ima forever gone want my squabble until I get it KUZ YOU DID NOT FIGHT ME.!NONE DA LESS KNOCK ME OUT DOLO🤣you 4 FEET❗️& the longer you wait the more hate from ppl Dat love me all through the Carolinas building for u can get mo & more dangerous out of my hands .U already on the run just end it wit a fight.A REAL ONE PPL CAN SEE! & it ain’t gotta be no situation continuing to eslecate Boi.if y’all dat real like we is we can shake hands afterwards. RESPECT. SET RESPECT ON BOTH SIDES. If you ain’t into to dat we ain’t the same🤡. & Webb the dew boy driver @sprinterlyfeI see U ridin round watchin me for dem boys again tryna media hoax me again instead coming straight up like Charlotte street ni**as do.Ima pull U out dat black truck which yo pop eyes riding buy coked up & sober u up."