Previously, rap giants Nelly and Ludacris faced off in a ‘Verzuz’ battle put together by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. Before that, RZA and DJ Premier traded stories about their classic tracks while in a 'Verzuz' battle. During all of this, many were asking about DMX and who he could possibly face off against. X ended up saying he’d like to battle Jay-Z, but now it seems DMX vs. Eminem may be on the horizon.

Via Instagram, N.O.R.E. revealed some information about the possibility of X in a ‘Verzuz’ battle against Eminem, saying, “This moment is so Legend!!! 3 minutes before this @therealswizzz CALLS X and says Eminem is down for that smoke and X SAY HE CAN GET BUT I STILL WANT JAY HAHA SO CLASSIC BEHIND THE SCENES S**T SORRY IF I WASNT POST TO SAY NOTHING but I had to DMX VS SLIM SHADY??? What y’all think??? I’m riding wit the DOG!!!” Take a look above.