During Monday's edition of Eminem's "Music to Be Quarantined By" on his Sirius XM Shade 45 radio station, the Detroit rap legend made the case for another legendary hip-hop figure to get the title of "Greatest Songwriter of All Time." According to Em, that person is Tupac.

"OK, this next song is from an artist that I feel like might be the greatest songwriter of all time," said Em just before playing Pac's "If I Die 2Nite." He added, "Debate what you want about MC skills and all that because he had that, too. This is one of them songs by Tupac that, to me, was like, he was showing you I can write heartfelt sh** and I can write lyrical, crazy sh**, too."

Em began reciting some of Pac's lyrics: "They say p***y and papers, poetry, power and pistols/Plottin’ on murderin’ muthaf***as ’fore they get you," before adding, "The play on the p-words and all that shit and like, how he was doing it was so crazy mixed with the feel that Tupac could give you, which is constantly why I feel like he was always saying, 'Can ya feel me?' because you felt ’Pac. You can't just listen to ’Pac. You feel ’Pac. If you listen to him, you're gonna feel him."


Source: youtube.com