In this clip, Grant Cardone spoke about Scientology being the key to his success in life, and he shared how Scientology has helped him make decisions for the greater good for the best possible outcome in life and business. He went on to speak about wanting to flourish and prosper for both his family and his business, adding that he's been able to give back and make the right decisions for his family amid the coronavirus pandemic. To hear more, including his reaction to the negative Scientology stereotypes and saying that people bashed Jesus too, hit the above clip.

Moving along, Vlad thanks Grant Cardone for offering up a piece of life-changing advice. During Grant's last VladTV interview, he explained how telling people you're not interested is actually a form of interest. Vlad said that after heeding that advice he has found himself avoiding many time-consuming conversations with people about projects, business ventures, and interview pitches that he reluctantly engaged in the past.