Update 04/18/2020 3:21pm:

News surfaced noting Rob Kardashian filed a lawsuit against Blac Chyna, alleging that she put a gun to his head during an argument they had in 2016. Now, Blac Chyna’s team is claiming that incident was “flirty.”

Blac Chyna’s lawyer issued a statement to Page Six, saying, “Part of that raucous and flirty celebration included Chyna ripping her fiancé Rob’s shirt and then playfully stroking her fingernails against his chest.” They continued saying, “Far from being ‘assault and battery,’ Rob instead admitted under oath at his deposition that being scratched by a woman is ‘one of the best things a man could ask for.’ Rob also admitted that he never feared for his life and actually thought it was ‘funny’ when Chyna teased him while holding Rob’s unloaded gun.”

source: Page Six

Original 04/13/2020 10:27am:

Rob Kardashian recently filed a lawsuit against Blac Chyna, alleging that she held a gun to his head during an argument in 2016.

Kardashian claims Chyna was drinking and doing cocaine during the incident, stating, "Chyna consumed large amounts of Moet Rose champagne (her drink of choice) and snorted cocaine." He added that she became "increasingly erratic, aggressive and violent behavior as she became more and more intoxicated." Rob also said that Chyna pointed a gun to his head and "threatened to kill him" when they were on a FaceTime call with friends. 

Rob is suing Blac Chyna and reportedly seeking $767,852 in damages in the case, which according to The Blast, appears to be headed for trial. Chyna's lawyer responded to Rob's claims, stating that Rob admitted under oath that he thought the gun incident was "funny." She added, "Two years later, Rob is simply trying to cover up his critical deposition admissions by now lying and claiming that Chyna 'pulled a gun' on him and that he feared for his life. That is just another one of Rob’s lies." 

Source: The Blast