The NBA officially shut down on March 11, 2020, due to the effect of COVID-19. It was reported that multiple NBA players ended up getting coronavirus, with Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell being prominent examples. Since then, the NBA and NBPA have been working on a deal for the players’ wages, and ESPN has reported that an alleged agreement was made for both sides.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said, “The NBA and NBPA have agreed on the withholding of 25 percent of each player paycheck beginning on May 15. Deal gives gradual reduction in salary should Force Majeure provision be enacted with cancellation of regular-season games. May 1 checks will be paid in full.” Currently, the NBA has not fully canceled the season due to coronavirus. However, if the cancellation does take place, it's assumed that more pay cuts will be on the way.

source: ESPN