Update 04/18/2020 10:11am:

Previously, Young Chop was arrested in Atlanta after riding around looking for 21 Savage, which led to the producer’s Uber being shot. Now, news surfaced, saying Chop was arrested for allegedly starving a dog to death and more.

According to the Gwinnett County Solicitor General’s office, Chop was arrested for violating his probation. The 26-year-old allegedly was driving without a valid license and expired tag registration, and also received multiple charges of reckless conduct for an arrested that went down on April 7. Along with that, he was hit with aggravated cruelty to animals-death charges after an arrest that took place on February 26. Police in Gwinnett County are currently looking for witnesses to Chop’s alleged offenses, including the alleged felony animal cruelty charge. Stay tuned for more details.

source: Gwinnett Daily Post

Original 04/10/2020 1:41pm:

According to documents obtained by XXL, Young Chop was arrested for reckless conduct after trying to track down 21 Savage in Atlanta while in an Uber on Sunday (April 5). 

Young Chop explained the situation on Instagram Live, revealing that his Uber was shot at by an unspecified number of people while he was out looking for 21 Savage. Chop shared photos of the Uber driver's shot up window as he boasted about being unharmed in the incident. 

The arrest document shows that Young Chop called the Uber, which stopped at a convenience store before going to an apartment complex where Young Chop didn't have the address to. After getting out and back in the car, Chop told the driver to take him home, only to be stopped a little while later so that Chop could get out and have a verbal altercation with a man. Young Chop reportedly pulled out a handgun during the argument, and he later got back in the Uber, which was chased by a black sedan at high rates of speed. The black vehicle fired several shots at the Uber before fleeing the scene. 

Following the shooting, the Uber driver took Young Chop back home and the driver claims Young Chop asked him not to tell police about the incident. The Chicago producer also allegedly offered to pay for the Uber driver's damages to his vehicle. 

Chop uploaded a video after being released from jail, claiming that someone snitched on him. 

Source: XXL