Fitness model Joshua Benoit took to Instagram to share a video of him and Tory Lanez in a confrontation, which led to Tory punching Benoit before the clip cuts off. 

Benoit called out Tory in the post, writing, "Yo @torylanez you’re going to sucker punch me and run out after? I’m not one to take to social media about things, but I reached out to you many times and this is the only way I can get your attention. Besides, I already seen this video going around, so It is what it is. I reached out to you to resolve this like men a few times! We live in the same city… get at me. This is the last time I’ll speak on it. If anyone has the full video DM me ASAP!!" 

A conversation can be heard between the two men in the video, which features Tory telling Joshua, "I’m not ’bout to get into it with you over no bullsh*t!" Benoit then tells Tory, "It ain’t even about that, bro. It’s about respect, n*gga!" Before punching Benoit, Tory tells him, "I don’t give a f*ck about none of that! What’s up, my n*gga?"